A Little About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Alex, I’m 25 years old (for now anyway, I may change my mind in a few months), and I live in Victoria, Australia.


Hard at work in the wading pool

I have always loved to know how things work, even from a fairly young age. I love pulling things apart to see how they work, researching any term that I don’t understand, or having people explain the things that they are passionate about.

In high school I was a pretty decent student who was lucky enough to have great parents who encouraged me to work hard but also knew the importance of enjoying myself in the process. As a result I created many fond memories despite pretty embarrassing facial hair entertained in the middle couple of years…

After I graduated high school (in the top ten of my year if you’ll believe that, I have hand-luggage to prove it!) I went to university to tackle a double degree to earn a bachelor of engineering (majoring in Robotics and Mechatronics) and a bachelor of computer science (majoring in Computer Software Engineering). What drove me to choose this course? Well, it sounded like the broadest combination of engineering that I could attempt; delving briefly into electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and software engineering in one (somewhat protracted) fell swoop.

Oh and one of my mates was doing it…

Okay I admit it, I was lacking a little bit of direction in high school!

I had good grades and I enjoyed maths and the sciences almost as much as I enjoyed writing. When everyone spoke about university they all sounded so sure of themselves, so driven… I was keen to hang out with my mates and if I got to build Guitar-Hero-playing robots while I was at it… well that sounded swell!

So I began my studies at Swinburne University of Technology, making the most of my time there by joining wakeboard and snowboard clubs and making a whole stack of new friends. I probably lost a good percentage of my available brain cells over this time but hey it was a laugh and when I graduated the double degree six years later with upper second-class honours I can happily say I have no regrets.


Graduation with my amazing parents

So you’ve studied, I hear you say, but have you worked?!

I have actually! Hard to imagine but I’d even go so far as to say I’ve worked pretty hard too! (at times anyway.)

In terms of casual work I’ve:

  • Helped out a Tiler by cutting myself to pieces with a stanley knife (okay that wasn’t my exactly job description but I did enough of it to warrant listing it as a skill on my resume),
  • Laboured in a vineyard (which taught me how to drive a manual ute, how to eat multiple honey sandwiches while driving a manual ute, and how to pretend I didn’t crash the afore-mentioned manual ute).
  • Worked as a waiter and café manager, a job I held for a good 4 years or so, enjoying with the inevitable demotion to table-carrier that came with each new restaurant manager. Worked most weekends of my university career to pay for beer and car parts.
  • Spent a year working hard as a research scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, even got my name on a few papers in the process. (This was an incredible opportunity!)

Oh have I mentioned The Yellow Jeep? I can hear those closest to be groaning in anticipation already… Don’t worry I won’t talk your ear off, suffice to say I’ve learnt everything I know about cars by putting this one back together, and I love it! Temperamental to say the least, but deep down I know it only breaks to teach me a new skill, and to give me an excuse to buy more hand tools.


Built by hand, broken by foot

Let me know what you think!