Is This Research Or Procrastination?

A fist slams down on the cold steel table of the interrogation room as I squint against the searing light of the lamp centred on my sweating brow.

The silhouette behind the glare looms menacingly. “Did you do it?”

I sink further into the hard seat beneath me, desperately trying to avoid that no-doubt damning gaze.

“Did you really just spend your entire evening reading blog posts about social network advertising?”

I wonder how many of you reading this have ever arisen from a haze of half-recalled blog links only to realise that you have no idea where you were or how you got there?

I know I do it – all the damned time.

The internet is a labyrinth of procrastination, punctuated by the siren calls of that next useful research link (or cat meme). I constantly catch myself meandering down an endless path of page links without even knowing exactly when I diverged from my intended topic. It’s not because I am procrastinating or because I have no objective but rather that there is just too much information out there!

I love to learn and surely the internet must be the greatest tool for learning that this civilisation of ours has yet to create. An almost unlimited collection of information (broadly ranging in its degrees of accuracy) is just a short click, tap or swipe away – so it’s hardly surprising that we should occasionally succumb to the charms of an interesting post that’s just the tiniest bit off topic…

One positive consequence of this meandering approach to information gathering is that every now and again we can happen upon that priceless little snippet of information, that diamond in the rough, that has the potential to truly improve our lives – so next time you emerge dazed and confused maybe ask yourself,

Did I just learn something?

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