Is This Research Or Procrastination?

A fist slams down on the cold steel table of the interrogation room as I squint against the searing light of the lamp centred on my sweating brow.

The silhouette behind the glare looms menacingly. “Did you do it?”

I sink further into the hard seat beneath me, desperately trying to avoid that no-doubt damning gaze.

“Did you really just spend your entire evening reading blog posts about social network advertising?”

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Why I’m not cut out to be an employee

Sounds silly doesn’t it? Being an employee is a part of life, a necessity, and any grown-up knows that the daily grind is just one of those things that everyone has to deal with.

I mean I’m going to need to buy a house right? I’ll need a new car, the new iPhone, a quarter-strength de-caff soy latte on the way to the office… and you can only get so far on unemployment benefits.

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