Does Rich = Successful? What Defines Success?

I have a quick question for you dear reader, and what makes this a good question is that there is no single answer… but in asking it I hope to encourage you to question your goals and your dreams just as it has made me question mine.

What does it mean to be successful?

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Rubbing Shoulders With Giants: The Entrepreneur’s Unconvention 2014

Saturday the 13th of September,
Welcome to the Unconvention!

It began when Louise and I dragged ourselves out of bed at an absurd hour (for a Saturday) and made our way to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Filled with cautious optimism we made our way into a packed lobby on the second floor, full to the brim with buzzing folks of all ages, genders and ethnicities. I don’t believe either of us could have guessed just how much we would get out of the next ten hours… one of us even came close to having a little cry…

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