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What Exactly Is Uber? And Why Should I Care?

Uber. Airbnb. EatWith.

Any of these ringing a bell?

They probably aught to, because these three companies are prime examples of a fairly recent trend in business that effectively sells the services of one customer to another (Commonly referred to as a Sharing Economy).

“Okay cool parentheses Alex”, I hear you saying, “but why should I care?”

Well firstly I don’t appreciate your tone, and secondly the reason you should care is because this movement may just change the way we think about business forever. Worldwide.

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Rubbing Shoulders With Giants: The Entrepreneur’s Unconvention 2014

Saturday the 13th of September,
Welcome to the Unconvention!

It began when Louise and I dragged ourselves out of bed at an absurd hour (for a Saturday) and made our way to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Filled with cautious optimism we made our way into a packed lobby on the second floor, full to the brim with buzzing folks of all ages, genders and ethnicities. I don’t believe either of us could have guessed just how much we would get out of the next ten hours… one of us even came close to having a little cry…

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Am I Sleeping On The Job? Let’s Learn To Sleep Smart.

Lately I’ve been trying to work out how to sleep properly.

I don’t mean that I’ve been falling out of bed during the night, or waking up the wrong side up, but instead that I’ve been experimenting with when I go to sleep and how long I try to stay asleep. The results have been… frustrating and confusing to say the least.

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Is This Research Or Procrastination?

A fist slams down on the cold steel table of the interrogation room as I squint against the searing light of the lamp centred on my sweating brow.

The silhouette behind the glare looms menacingly. “Did you do it?”

I sink further into the hard seat beneath me, desperately trying to avoid that no-doubt damning gaze.

“Did you really just spend your entire evening reading blog posts about social network advertising?”

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4 Entrepreneur Books That Will Spark A Change In Your Life

I don’t quite recall when I discovered that I had aspirations of running my own business. Certainly I never did have much of a fancy for the expected 9 to 5 work-week, nor did the idea of sitting at a desk all day drive me wild with anticipation… Continue reading →