Why I’m not cut out to be an employee

Sounds silly doesn’t it? Being an employee is a part of life, a necessity, and any grown-up knows that the daily grind is just one of those things that everyone has to deal with.

I mean I’m going to need to buy a house right? I’ll need a new car, the new iPhone, a quarter-strength de-caff soy latte on the way to the office… and you can only get so far on unemployment benefits.

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Statement of Intentions (Though hardly as boring as that sounds)

Hello and welcome to the first post of Engineer My Way.

My name is Alex and I plan on filling this blog with the mess of ideas, tactics and practices that I will encounter on my road to independence in the field of engineering.

I have barely begun this journey but I eagerly await each step and I welcome any and all along for the ride!

Thanks for reading and kind regards,