A New (Old) Chapter

I’m no longer employed. Well okay I have a tendency to say unemployed for a laugh but I’m actually operating as a sole trader with my own ABN, my own quotes, and my own invoices.

When did this happen? Four months ago 2 Years, 7 months ago actually!

Okay so here’s the thing: I wrote this entire post 2 and a half years ago, shortly after deciding to resign at my old company and pursue self employment. I stumbled across it after a conversation about blogs today drove me to log in to my wordpress and here it lay, gathering dust.

I’ve come so far since this point, and the journey has been amazing. So somehow, this half-hearted post (that I didn’t feel at all compelled to publish at the time) feels all the more meaningful to me. It’s rough, it feels naive even such a short time later, but perhaps it will pique your interest or provide you with a little bit of an insight into the first steps of my current journey.

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The Standard Work Day is Bullshit

It’s taken for granted isn’t it? A simple fact of life?

When you become a grown-up you quickly sally forth into the land of the employed, destined to spend the next 40 years working that same 40 hour week, those same 8 hour days of labour and toil.

Sure some of us may work less regular hours, night shifts or RDO’s but for the overwhelming majority however, these are our allotted hours of labour.

Your reward for this of course is a pay-check at the end of the week and that blissful Friday afternoon clock-off.

You know what? This whole idea shits me to tears.
(Pardon my Australian)

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Does Rich = Successful? What Defines Success?

I have a quick question for you dear reader, and what makes this a good question is that there is no single answer… but in asking it I hope to encourage you to question your goals and your dreams just as it has made me question mine.

What does it mean to be successful?

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Cocktails and Condolences.

Well hey there strangers, long time no see!

First things first, before I begin this brain-fart of a post – please let me share a sincere apology for not posting last week. I’m have no doubt that there were hugs, tears, tantrums and crises but I’m happy to say that I am still alive and kicking and raring to go once more!

So what’s been happening in my world, I hear you asking?

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What Exactly Is Uber? And Why Should I Care?

Uber. Airbnb. EatWith.

Any of these ringing a bell?

They probably aught to, because these three companies are prime examples of a fairly recent trend in business that effectively sells the services of one customer to another (Commonly referred to as a Sharing Economy).

“Okay cool parentheses Alex”, I hear you saying, “but why should I care?”

Well firstly I don’t appreciate your tone, and secondly the reason you should care is because this movement may just change the way we think about business forever. Worldwide.

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Rubbing Shoulders With Giants: The Entrepreneur’s Unconvention 2014

Saturday the 13th of September,
Welcome to the Unconvention!

It began when Louise and I dragged ourselves out of bed at an absurd hour (for a Saturday) and made our way to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Filled with cautious optimism we made our way into a packed lobby on the second floor, full to the brim with buzzing folks of all ages, genders and ethnicities. I don’t believe either of us could have guessed just how much we would get out of the next ten hours… one of us even came close to having a little cry…

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Am I Sleeping On The Job? Let’s Learn To Sleep Smart.

Lately I’ve been trying to work out how to sleep properly.

I don’t mean that I’ve been falling out of bed during the night, or waking up the wrong side up, but instead that I’ve been experimenting with when I go to sleep and how long I try to stay asleep. The results have been… frustrating and confusing to say the least.

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Is This Research Or Procrastination?

A fist slams down on the cold steel table of the interrogation room as I squint against the searing light of the lamp centred on my sweating brow.

The silhouette behind the glare looms menacingly. “Did you do it?”

I sink further into the hard seat beneath me, desperately trying to avoid that no-doubt damning gaze.

“Did you really just spend your entire evening reading blog posts about social network advertising?”

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4 Entrepreneur Books That Will Spark A Change In Your Life

I don’t quite recall when I discovered that I had aspirations of running my own business. Certainly I never did have much of a fancy for the expected 9 to 5 work-week, nor did the idea of sitting at a desk all day drive me wild with anticipation… Continue reading →